Traditionnal pizza dough stretching - Schiaffo technique

Abaissage de la pâte à pizza traditionnelle

Traditionnal pizza dough stretching - Schiaffo technique

Schiaffo is the traditional Neapolitan method for stretching pizza dough. It allows you to stretch the dough without thinning the center too much and removes any excess flour. *Do not use a rolling pin.

Instructions for Home Pizza Kits and Baking

Follow these instructions for our pizza kit and savor a delicious Neapolitan pizza in the comfort of your home! Take advantage of our dough preservation tips.
1. Remove the dough ball from its bag and place in a mound of flour on the counter to remove any moisture. 2. Flatten the dough with your hand, from the centre outwards, in order to push air towards the crust. Be careful not to crush the crust. 3. Place your right hand over the dough (palm down, about 2 cm before the edge) and press lightly at a 45° angle with your fingertips: your little finger and the outside of your palm should lie flat on the dough. 4. Then, place the fingers of your left hand, palm up, at the other end (under the disc) and grasp the crust with your thumb, taking care not to crush it. 5. Stretch the dough slightly outwards with your left hand. Turn it over on the palm of your hand. Return to the starting position by turning the dough a quarter turn. 6. Repeat this process until the disc has been completely formed and has reached a diameter of approximately 20-25 cm. 7. The perimeter should be 1-2 cm high and the disc centre 4 mm high. Always handle the dough carefully to avoid breaking the air bubbles generated by the rising process.

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