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Neapolitan pizza

The NO.900 pizza is a true Neapolitan pizza, AVPN certified, prepared according to the rules of the art and cooked in 90 seconds.

Authentic Italian market

We provide a unique selection of high-quality products created exclusively for NO.900 by producers from Quebec and Italy.

Private import wines

Our pizzerias showcase a variety of privately imported Italian wines, carefully curated from artisan winemakers who prioritize sustainable grape cultivation while respecting the environment.

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True bearers of Neapolitan craftsmanship, our pizzaiolis are formed according to the highest standards of the Verace Pizza Napoletana certification.


Sicilian White Anchovies

Indulge in our exquisite pizza of the moment, showcasing Sicilian white anchovies that will undoubtedly tantalize your taste buds. We utilize an exceptional ingredient with a Mediterranean flavor profile that begs to be savored!

If you're still on the fence, go ahead and order it. We guarantee you won't be disappointed!