On Monday, January 29, the 2018 edition of NO.900 Challenge took place in our head offices.

Our pizzaioli competed with each other to earn a spot in our squad for the Las Vegas World Pizza Games. Next March, the NO.900 team will demonstrate their know-how and talent.

Congratulations to Raphaëlle of NO.900 Saint-Lambert who won the Fastest box category, to Johanna of NO.900 Griffintown who dominated in the Largest dough category, to Léo of NO.900 Laurier who made the mark in the Fastest dough category and finally to Maria of NO.900 Peel who won the Triathlon category.

Last year, team NO.900 returned home with the title of fifth-best Marinara in the world in the Neapolitan division and fourth-best place in the traditional division for our Organic Salami. In the Largest dough category, Paul of NO.900 Bernard won third place.

We have no fear that this new crew will be as impressive as the last one. With times very close to world records and our pizzaioli more determined than ever, we are confident to bring home new titles and especially, beautiful stories to share with you.

Good luck to everyone!