Dining With Lesley: Two pizzerias riding Montreal’s new wave


Montreal Gazette

« I have eaten at No 900 several times and got pizza to go often. I liked the pizza before, but as of this last visit, No 900 is my favourite pizza in the city right now. Unlike much Neapolitan-style pizza that’s puffy and chewy on the parameter, yet a soggy mess in the centre, or worse yet, too thin and cracker-like, or too floury, No 900 wins out because the crust is just gorgeous. It’s puffy enough on the sides, has a nice chew and enough structure that when you lift up a slice it droops instead of collapsing into a pile of mush. »

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No 900 ouvre trois franchises

« Après avoir ouvert une première franchise à Saint-Lambert cet automne, voici qu’il a annoncé l’ouverture prochaine de trois autres pizzerias : au Faubourg Boisbriand, dans le Marriott de la rue Peel et sur l’avenue Maguire, à Québec. »

La dolce pizza

« La pizzeria No 900, installée depuis l’été 2014 dans Outremont et aussi bien connue pour son camion ambulant, arrive au centre-ville, plus exactement au 2045, rue Peel, dans l’hôtel Marriott Residence Inn. »

The Essential Guide to Montreal Pizza

« Inside Théâtre Outremont, this food truck complement and franchise aspirer run by Dominic Bujold of Sushi Shop fame and passionate pizzaiolo Alexandre Brunet (Stromboli, Mangiafoco) has a major fan in critic Lesley Chesterman, … »

Power couple: Ruby Brown and Richard Speer

« The most romantic place in Montreal?

Ruby: I would say eating a pizza from Pizzeria No. 900 at home on a Friday night. We also love those Sunday morning brunches at Leméac where we talk about all and nothing. »